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Attabeira German de Turowski

Attabeira German de Turowski (native speaker, wychowawca klasy 4 )

I am a young educator from Dominican Republic with over 4 years of teaching experience on the Elementary level. I specialize in differentiated learning that is tailored to each student's needs. I worked as a Representative of Latin America at the Global Youth Summit (GYS) in Shanghai, China. Took part in brainstorms and debates aimed at addressing social issues faced by youth with disabilities. Upon invitation of the U.S. Secretary of Education I participated in World Conference of Inclusive Education in Washington D.C., USA and acted as spokesperson for Latin America and the Caribbean. As an Educator I thrive when presented with challenges such as students with learning or behavioral issues. I am able to connect with my students on a personal level building a bridge through which communication and learning is possible. I also provide for my students the chance of discovering their strengths and using them to their advantage building up their confidence and desires to take on a challenge.