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Christopher M. Mazur

Christopher M. Mazur - Director English National Curriculum (native speaker)

Teaching and learning are two significant aspects that constantly surround our day to day lives. In order to encourage the development of youth, I believe that these two attributes must be appropriately implemented within the classroom from an early age and throughout. During the course of my own education, I have had the privilege to work with some of the finest academics, people who have substantially shaped their ideas within Classical Studies, as well as other disciplines. Each of these people shared basic attitudes and approaches toward teaching and personal traits that I continue to value and emulate. The most significant of these characteristics are; respect for students, emphasis on the importance of education, and the encouragement to learn. All students have a unique and valuable perspective, a life history and a need to be heard. Too often students are not heard because they are not listened to in the rush to teach them. The most influential people in my own career gave me much more than information, skills and techniques. These teachers listened to me and allowed me to set my own learning goals.







PGDE | Postgraduate Diploma in Education

University of Glasgow, Scotland, ‘13

Catholic Teacher’s Certificate | Religious Education

University of Glasgow, Scotland, ‘13

Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Classical Studies

University of Guelph, Guelph-ON, ‘12