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Swathi Akkala

Swathi Akkala (native speaker)

  •   Mathematics and Primary Science (Key Stages 1 and 2) – Native Speaker 

  •   Director of English National Curriculum – Magic-Fish Kindergarten (Early Years 

      Foundation Stage)

    My name is Swathi Akkala. I hold a Masters of Education with specialization in Mathematics and Physical Sciences; Bachelor of Education with specialization in Early Childhood and Elementary Education, a Certificate in Early Years Teachers’ Training. I have also participated in teaching certificate courses of the British Council in Warsaw, Early Childhood Learning Development Program, YLE teacher’s training and many more to enhance my teaching skills. I have more than 9 years of teaching experience with young learners of all levels in Poland and Denmark. For the last two years, I’ve been involved in projects of The University of Warsaw – “Graduate Programme in Teaching English to Young Learners” as a mentor teacher and in “CLIL Methodology Programme” as a panel advisor to train student teachers in Poland and attended various workshops and conferences related to the same. One of my greatest strengths as an educator is meeting each student’s unique needs by developing a personal understanding of each one of them. I achieve this by seeing and assessing students as individuals and tailoring lesson plans to accommodate multiple intelligences. Furthermore, I offer one-on-one support to ensure that all students are able to grasp the learning materials and enhance their personal skills. My goal is to increase student awareness, motivation and understanding the subjects, while implementing interdisciplinary based lessons in English involving Science, Math, language arts and multiculturalism. I truly enjoy working in a multicultural environment and strive to bring out the treasure of excellence inherent within each student.  My administrative approach is an open door and a hands-on approach to teamwork so that all may benefit.  I strive to be a healthy role model and a mentor to everyone on campus.