Enrolment Procedures

Each candidate for a reception class and class 1 participates in tests aimed at checking "school readiness" and knowledge of English.

Students enrolled to grades 2 to 8 must pass tests that are adequate to the level of education in a given class. When making the decision, the principal takes into account the child's age, previous achievements and the opinion from the previous school.

Interview with parents is aimed at establishing willingness to cooperate and interact with the school environment.

School authorities are fully aware of the fact that students come from many countries in which education systems determine the age criteria of individual classes in a different way than those used in Poland. The school reserves the right to place the student in the most appropriate class.

Enrolment to grades 0-8 is based on:

  • completing the application for admission to the Edison School
  • student's participation in competency and interview tests
  • positive test results
  • conversation with the School Principal
  • signing a contract and paying the entrance fee

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