Enrolment Procedures

Headmaster: Justyna Modzelewska 
English Curriculum and Cambridge Headmaster: Christopher Mazur
Recruitment process
Parents interested in enrolling their child at Edison Primary School must apply through the application form on our website: https://www.szkola-edison.pl/rekrutacja/formularz-rekrutacyjny
After completing the form parents will then receive an email from the school regarding their child's appointment for a trial day. The chosen date will be confirmed by the headmaster who will then contact the parents to inform them as to how the trial day will proceed.
The trial day programme:
1. Pre-school:  a day spent in class 0 (reception year), observation by teaching staff and school psychologist
2. Classes 1–3: a day spent in the respective class, 2 tests throughout the day (early childhood education - in Polish and English)
3. Classes 4–8: a day spent in the respective class, 3 tests throughout the day (Polish, Math, and English)
Within 7 working days from the trial day, parents will receive a written report based on information gathered during the trial day. Pupils undergoing recruitment for grades 1–8 must pass the tests according to the advancement level of the given class. When making a decision, the headmaster takes into account the child's age, the test results and the opinion of the teaching staff and also the school psychologist, if necessary.
Please take note that participation in the recruitment process does not guarantee admission to the school and the school has the right to refuse admission without reason.
Graduates of Magic Fish Nursery and siblings of Edison Primary School pupils have priority for admission to Edison Primary School.
Recruitment fee
The fee for each child taking part in a trial day at Edison Primary School is PLN 150 payable via bank transfer, before the trial day/recruitment meeting to:
Edison Primary School 
account No.: 93 1020 1332 0000 1402 1306 6941
Title: Recruitment_ child’s name and surname.
Reservation list
If there are more applications than places available for a particular school year, a reservation list will be created consisting of the pupils who have not been admitted to Edison Primary School. The list will be used throughout the school year in which the pupil applied for admission. 
During the school year, available places will be offered to the pupils from the reservation list in the order they were added to it.