"The Legend of Spud Murphy" by Eion Colfer

Our class reader in the 2a was "The Legend of Spud Murphy" by Eion Colfer, a tale about two boys who got up to a lot of mischief at home. As a result, the boys were sent to the library to keep them out of trouble at home. Of course, the boys resisted and complained because they were really scared of the fearsome librarian, Mrs Murphy. Rumour has it that she shot naughty boys in the library with a potato gun if they ever stepped out of line.
When Will and Marty were sent to the library it forced the boys to pick up a book and start reading. And guess what...? I'm sure you guessed right, they discovered that reading, libraries and Mrs Murphy aren't so bad after all.
When we finished reading the book together, the grade 2 classes had the opportunity to design the most wonderful place to go and read books. "The World's Best Library" according to the year 2's. We even had swimming pools with waterproof books, cafes, gardens, floating chairs and many other interesting inventions in the name of "reading".


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